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Sreedharan suggests to put up O&M staff of Lucknow Metro at the earliest

Sreedharan suggests to put  up O&M staff of Lucknow Metro at the earliest

LUCKNOW: Metro Man E. Sreedharan requested that Lucknow metro authorities put set up the operation and upkeep (O&M) staff of the venture at the most punctual in order to give the imperative preparing to them in their separate fields for dispatching of the need segment according to the objective stipulated by the state government.

Sreedharan who is likewise the primary consultant to Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC), the SPV to guarantee opportune execution of Lucknow metro went to the city on Wednesday to survey the different continuous works of the venture including the Civil, Electrical and Mechanical (E&M) works and the Operational and Maintenance (O&M) readiness as to charging of the need area of Lucknow metro extend.

He alongside LMRC MD, Kumar Keshav took load of the common works going ahead at metro stations on arrangement from Transport Nagar to Charbagh which is to be finished by December 2016. The need passageway is around 8.5 km long. He likewise took an instructions on the electrical footing works in advance (force supply to metro) including pole erection on metro viaduct for Over Head Electrification (OHE) of the framework.

He communicated fulfillment over the pace of ‘track laying’ works in the stop and at the Transport Nagar metro station. He proposed few inputs for the work of 255 meter long ‘extraordinary traverse connect’ which is being developed at Mawaiya.

He has concurred with the security course of action being gotten ready for Lucknow Metro as a ‘Mixture Model’ with the mix of government security by UP Police and private security by Lucknow Metro organization for ideal utilization of assets in financially savvy way. Prior LMRC MD had made a presentation on the suitable security system for Lucknow Metro extend.

He communicated his fulfillment over the advance of work accomplished so far both for the common work and also the frameworks contract like the moving stock, flagging, footing, track, and charge works and so forth. He likewise met Alok Ranjan, Chief Secretary, UP government and advised him about the result of his survey of Lucknow Metro Rail Project.



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