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Lucknow Metro Rail Fare

According to Delhi Metro, Lucknow Metro too would have started electronic tokens and keen cards in its passage accumulation framework. The Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) group is at present concentrate every single moment detail that should be consolidated in the delicate of metro’s charge gathering framework. LMRC MD Kumar Keshav said, “We will utilize programmed charge gathering framework under which a traveler’s entrance and exit are protected via mechanized doors and admission is deducted specifically from the token/card for the separation secured.” These tokens and cards are given by particular offices whose delicate is being readied.

Additionally, since separation and time of travel are electronically nourished in the token, a traveler can’t travel and pass the station his/her token permits. On the off chance that he/she does as such, he/she won’t be given the way out at an alternate station. He/she needs to purchase an option token all things considered. With respect to savvy cards, they come less expensive than tokens. In Delhi, shrewd card clients get 10% rebate on each travel. Since LMRC is duplicating Delhi metro model, it is normal that most elements would comparative in admission accumulation framework. Numerous outside and national organizations are the master in assembling such AFC cards and token.

Lucknow Metro Rail Fare Chart List

 1 station travelled  Rs. 10
 2 stations  Rs. 15
 3 to 6 stations  Rs. 20
 7 to 9 stations  Rs. 30
 10 to 13 stations  Rs. 40
 14 to 17 stations  Rs. 50
 Over 18 stations  Rs. 60

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