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LMRC starts OHE Mast Erection work for Electrical Power Supply

LMRC starts OHE Mast Erection work for Electrical Power Supply

Lucknow: Achieving another enormous turning point in front of the arranged calendar, Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) has now begun the work of pole erection for its Over Head Electrification (OHE) take a shot at its viaduct. This is a critical accomplishment in such a limited capacity to focus time considering the way that it’s been a little more than a month for Lucknow Metro wherein it had initiated the work for laying of tracks at its Transport Nagar Depot.

Erection of OHE poles for giving 25 kV Traction Power to the Metro Trains started yesterday on viaduct close Krishna Nagar Metro station. The Receiving Sub Station (RSS) which might nourish energy to the need hallway is being built at Transport Nagar Depot. The establishment works for this RSS has as of now been finished and the superstructure works are in advancement.

The Transport Nagar RSS of LMRC will get power at 132 kV voltage from 220kV Sarojani Nagar Sub Station of UPPTCL for which twofold circuit 132kV underground links (approx. 6 kms) might be laid by Lucknow Metro. The procedure of getting endorsements from various partners like NHAI, PWD,GAIL, GGL and so on is in advancement and it is normal that cabling work would be finished before the onset of storm. Development of two 132kV committed bayous is going all out at Sarojani Nagar.

At each RSS, there are two substations to be specific the Traction Sub Station (TSS) and the Auxiliary Main Substation (AMS). The yield of TSS is 25 kV single stage AC, which is utilized for running of Metro prepare, the yield of AMS is 33 kV three stage AC which is further ventured down to 415 V three stage for giving helper supply to the stations and prepare support warehouses.

The whole power supply course of action should be remotely worked, controlled and checked through SCADA framework from the Control Center coming up at the Transport Nagar Depot.



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